How to define your Business Model as a Coach

23/05/2015 /

In simplest terms, a business model is an assumption about how your business makes money and operates – an important place to start in any business. For service based entrepreneurs, business models are not complex. Here is how you can define your business model as a coach, one of your first steps towards making money in your business.

Untitled designA business model can be simple or complex. A restaurant’s business model is to prepare and sell food to customers. A website could be providing a free service and driving traffic to it, then selling advertising to other companies. Or it could be selling a product or service direct through a shopping cart. 

There is no need to overcomplicate your business model starting out as a service based entrepreneur or solopreneur. Essentially you provide a service to a customer, and the variable is how you charge for it and whether you expand from your basic service into alternative models such as info products, affiliate programs and e-courses.


How to Find your ‘Superstar’ Niche as a Service-based Entrepreneur

13/05/2015 /

In the work that I do helping corporate women become service based entrepreneurs, one of the key first steps is deciding what to do and who to serve. One of the key mistakes people make is making their offer to broad and vague. In this week’s blog I talk about why to define a niche and how, how this links to your target market (it’s not the same thing) and what comes next.

What is a niche market? Why niche? 

Niche marketing involves selling specialized products or services that answer to the need of a relatively small target. Niche market (1)If you are known to be an expert or leader in that specialized product or service, consumers are willing to pay more for this.
It’s basic economics: differentiated product, smaller market and lower economies of scale = higher price.


How to Stay Engaged in Your Job While You are Creating a Business

07/05/2015 /

This week I have created a video on you to stay engaged in your job while you set up a business on the side. This is key to keeping your positive energy and motivation up and to make the most of your time while you are still working to set you up for success in your new business.
Enjoy! And please comment below on how you can implement these ideas in your job or if you have any other great suggestions to share with others.


8 steps to find time to start a business while working full time

30/04/2015 /

Do you want to set up a business on the side but feel like you’re too busy? Read this guide to creating the time to pursue your dream.

Untitled design (4)One strategy to transition into entrepreneurship is to build a side income before quitting your job. But it can end up being a catch 22: you believe that you don’t have enough time to make good money in your business, and if you don’t make money, you don’t feel confident to quit your job. End result = stuck. 


How to be confident even if you don’t feel like you are

15/04/2015 /

Confidence. Everyone knows it’s a key factor of success and wants to feel confident in what they do. But what can you do if you don’t feel confident? Can you really fake it till you make it? In this week’s blog I share my confidence tips so you can speak like Winston Churchill and take on the world.

When I quit my job to become a coach entrepreneur, one of my assoUntitled design (2)ciates said to me, “I wish I had your confidence.” This comment surprised me. While I was confident in some respects – I didn’t feel that confident, at least not all the time. A few nights I didn’t sleep. I was worrying that I could have made a horrible mistake: ‘What if I fail?’ ‘What if I regret my decision?’

What helped me make the decision was a solid exit strategy (more in my ebook), a strong belief in my purpose, proof that I could get clients and strong mentors around me. (more…)

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Louise is a Leadership & Career Coach who specialises in helping driven professionals to shape their dream careers and develop habits for peak performance and resilience.


Since 2009 Louise has coached over a hundred leaders with a focus on career transition and development, behavioural change, leadership, communication, influencing and managing emotions and stress. She has also coached leaders to design and launch coaching and consulting businesses.

Louise is an experienced and innovative Solutions Designer & Consultant, who has worked in this capacity for much of her career, gradually moving up into more senior roles.

Louise brings a wealth of experience designing and delivering talent and leadership programs in companies such as Microsoft, GE Money, Barclays, Inchcape, Boots, HSBC, Google, Yahoo!, AXA, Astra Zeneca, Commonwealth Bank, Babcock and Wesfarmers.

With coaching psychology training and a Graduate Certificate in Counselling, Louise has effective, evidence-based tools to access the root cause of behavioural change and results.

Louise is an International Coach Federation (ICF) PCC credential holder and has over 800 hours’ coaching experience. She can use tools such as Strengths Finder, Hogan, LSI, CCL and fuel50 Career Assessment tools to help her clients gain clarity and increase effectiveness.

Louise lives in London, UK with her partner Ian and their two cute pugs Mimi and Lola. She enjoys yoga, meditation and fitness, relaxing with friends and family, cooking, personal development and travel. Louise is passionate about languages and is fluent in French and German and speaks basic Spanish.