What is coaching?

Coaching is a partnership that supports you to maximise your levels of personal and professional performance and fulfilment.
It is a conversation designed to draw out insight and remove obstacles that are holding you back in achieving your goals. This happens through powerful questioning to create awareness and gently challenging you to think and act differently.

Why work with a coach?

These days with so much complexity and activity, coaching is a great way to laser in on what is important to you and achieve higher levels of self-leadership, capability and performance. Leaders are increasingly using coaching to accelerate their results and make big shifts in the levels at which they operate in their work and life.

Coaching is a container that supports you to fully commit to making the changes you want with a partner to act as your champion and sounding board, while also calling you on what doesn’t serve you and holding you accountable to your commitments.

How is coaching different from counselling/therapy, mentoring or training?

All involve listening and questioning, but the focus is different. Counselling is about getting emotional support to work through a personal challenge. Therapy goes into the past and looks at cognitive and behavioural patterns. Mentoring involves knowledge and skills transfer one on one, from an expert with more experience than the client in a chosen area. Training teaches content, skills and how-tos with some application of learning.

Depending on the issue and the client’s need and permission, a coach may gravitate into these different modalities, however, the premise is that the client is the expert on themselves and what is best for them and focus is on the client’s insights, application of new ideas and moving forward.

What format do coaching sessions take?

Coaching sessions are generally carried out by Zoom to maximise momentum in your coaching programme and work across geographies. The benefit of this is you don’t need to factor in travel time. If you live in London, you have the option of a face to face session on request.

Some of my programmes include a 2hr intensive Power session to make massive steps towards your goals, either in London face to face or via Zoom using virtual collaboration tools. Additional intensives can also be added to your programme.

I tend to work evenings and weekends UK time to fit around my and my clients' busy work schedules.

What will you do with my email address and other personal details?

Your personal details are private and will be stored securely and not shared with any third party other than Louise Taylor Coaching.

As a member and credential holder of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), I subscribe to the ICF code of ethics, which includes guidelines on confidentiality and privacy. I am also familiar with and aligned to codes of ethics in counselling and psychotherapy bodies.