How to get your first paying clients through your existing network

14/07/2015 /

Find out how you can get your first clients in your business without a flashy website or sophisticated sales funnel.

I recently reached out and asked for your feedback on what you’d like to hear more about and while there were a range of interests, a key request was how to find your first paying clients in your business.

This is such a key step and I am really excited to share with you my vlog this week on this topic. I will never forget the elation I felt when I got my first coaching client. I found her within two weeks of starting work with a coach, through a friend.

At the time I didn’t have a structured program like I do now – just a whole lot of enthusiasm and passion for what, who and how I wanted to help others. A second client came within a month of the first. This was 6 months before I even launched my website and my ebook. I didn’t even have social media accounts set up!

Much as online is all the rage now and it has the benefit of being able to work any time any place, there is nothing like a bit of networking for some quick wins. Your existing relationship or mutual connection instantly wins trust that can take time to build online.

I recently went back and did some purposeful networking and immediately drummed up some new business and potential work for the future.

Check out my vlog on how you can your first paying clients by getting out there and talking about your business and the value you offer. If you feel like you’re not ready yet, I give you some tips on what you can do to start ASAP.


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Louise is a Leadership & Career Coach who specialises in helping driven professionals to shape their dream careers and develop habits for peak performance and resilience.


Since 2009 Louise has coached over a hundred leaders with a focus on career transition and development, behavioural change, leadership, communication, influencing and managing emotions and stress. She has also coached leaders to design and launch coaching and consulting businesses.

Louise is an experienced and innovative Solutions Designer & Consultant, who has worked in this capacity for much of her career, gradually moving up into more senior roles.

Louise brings a wealth of experience designing and delivering talent and leadership programs in companies such as Microsoft, GE Money, Barclays, Inchcape, Boots, HSBC, Google, Yahoo!, AXA, Astra Zeneca, Commonwealth Bank, Babcock and Wesfarmers.

With coaching psychology training and a Graduate Certificate in Counselling, Louise has effective, evidence-based tools to access the root cause of behavioural change and results.

Louise is an International Coach Federation (ICF) PCC credential holder and has over 800 hours’ coaching experience. She can use tools such as Strengths Finder, Hogan, LSI, CCL and fuel50 Career Assessment tools to help her clients gain clarity and increase effectiveness.

Louise lives in London, UK with her partner Ian and their two cute pugs Mimi and Lola. She enjoys yoga, meditation and fitness, relaxing with friends and family, cooking, personal development and travel. Louise is passionate about languages and is fluent in French and German and speaks basic Spanish.