Fear of Visibility? (Start here)

15/10/2015 /

Every now and then I notice some resistance to sharing authentically and frequently online. For example, when I posted my recent blog on my first year of business on Linkedin, I was a little worried that my mention of anxiety and crying may have been ‘too much’, especially since it’s more serious than Facebook.

But I posted it anyway and got over 150 likes and 27 super encouraging comments from old colleagues, clients and people I have never met (along with stacks of sign ups to my email list). People love it when you speak from the heart. Good thing I got out of my own way!

Watch my video blog below to find out 3 mindset techniques to conquer your visibility barriers and SHINE online :).

Another thing that has been really helpful for me is EFT / tapping with my coach. This is why I am doing my practitioner training in 3 weeks – I’m super excited to start sharing this amazing technique with my clients.

Usually the fears are that part of you that wants me to stay small and safe so you can use these techniques to so say thanks dear and go shine anyway!


This week I am covering the mindset piece – keep a look out for my upcoming blog where I’ll share some of the practicalities of being visible, including how to manage it when you are still in a job.

Dos & Don’ts of Creating Your Niche Business

17/09/2015 /

_ZAH4280Starting out as a service based entrepreneur does not mean needing to take a complete 180 degree career turn. Here I show how you can create a profitable niche out of your existing skills and talents. 

I’ll confess. When I was approaching my 35th birthday—and feeling stuck at my corporate gig—I almost became a yoga teacher.

I was so desperate to escape my 9-5 that I was literally s t r e t c h i n g myself in a new direction, 180 degrees from my current job and skill set.

Although I love a downward dog just as much as the next yogi, I was not meant to be a yoga teacher.

I was meant to create a business that leveraged my existing business, coaching and consulting experience, helping my clients to…

  • monetise their skills and talents outside of their corporate workplace.
  • launch their new business as a thriving entrepreneur.
  • embrace their fear and go for it anyway.

If you know you want out of your 9-5, but you aren’t sure what you should do or even what kind of business you should start, don’t worry. You are not alone.

Starting a new business does NOT mean you have to make a radical change or turn your back on your gifts, skills, or professional experiences.

You can monetise your one-of-a-kind assets and be your own boss.

It starts with creating your superstar niche … which is basically a service that you can already provide based on your natural talents and the need in the marketplace for your gifts.

Introducing the Dos and Don’ts of Creating Your Superstar Niche Business:

Let’s start with the Dos…

•  Do pursue a path that lights you up and is profitable.

•  Do select a niche that you can own. As in, you’re best in class and have been down the path your clients are seeking. Even if you doubt yourself sometimes or feel like a fraud (that’s normal).

•  Do create a business that utilises your experiences and skill set.

And now the Don’ts…

•  Don’t be irresponsible and quit everything. You’ve worked far too hard to let it all go.

•  Don’t pursue the path that seems popular and profitable, just because so-and-so said you should.

•  Don’t let fear hold you back. Freedom is right around the corner.

You have the opportunity to be the best at whatever it is you choose to do. And your superstar niche is the defining factor that will set you apart in today’s crowded marketplace.

The big question for you: What are your natural gifts? Maybe you’re a great listener, or an excellent communicator, or even someone who creates lasting relationships. What is it for you?

To dig deeper into your superstar niche, download my free eBook From Corporate Woman to Thriving Entrepreneur: Your Roadmap to Escaping the 9-5, and peruse page 26 You’ll discover your niche in no time!

How to get your first paying clients through your existing network

14/07/2015 /

Find out how you can get your first clients in your business without a flashy website or sophisticated sales funnel.

I recently reached out and asked for your feedback on what you’d like to hear more about and while there were a range of interests, a key request was how to find your first paying clients in your business.

This is such a key step and I am really excited to share with you my vlog this week on this topic. I will never forget the elation I felt when I got my first coaching client. I found her within two weeks of starting work with a coach, through a friend.

At the time I didn’t have a structured program like I do now – just a whole lot of enthusiasm and passion for what, who and how I wanted to help others. A second client came within a month of the first. This was 6 months before I even launched my website and my ebook. I didn’t even have social media accounts set up!

Much as online is all the rage now and it has the benefit of being able to work any time any place, there is nothing like a bit of networking for some quick wins. Your existing relationship or mutual connection instantly wins trust that can take time to build online.

I recently went back and did some purposeful networking and immediately drummed up some new business and potential work for the future.

Check out my vlog on how you can your first paying clients by getting out there and talking about your business and the value you offer. If you feel like you’re not ready yet, I give you some tips on what you can do to start ASAP.


How to Find your ‘Superstar’ Niche as a Service-based Entrepreneur

13/05/2015 /

In the work that I do helping corporate women become service based entrepreneurs, one of the key first steps is deciding what to do and who to serve. One of the key mistakes people make is making their offer to broad and vague. In this week’s blog I talk about why to define a niche and how, how this links to your target market (it’s not the same thing) and what comes next.

What is a niche market? Why niche? 

Niche marketing involves selling specialized products or services that answer to the need of a relatively small target. Niche market (1)If you are known to be an expert or leader in that specialized product or service, consumers are willing to pay more for this.
It’s basic economics: differentiated product, smaller market and lower economies of scale = higher price.


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