Ever feel like you are on a hamster wheel trying to get through your neverending to do list and keep everyone happy... but not getting where you'd like to be in your career?

Or know what you need or want to do, but fail to put in consistent action, constantly feeling like you're putting off the important stuff that could take you to the next level?

Over the past 10 years have worked with hundreds of people to make positive changes in their work and lives and I'm delighted to have seen many of them achieve goals like getting promoted or creating a successful business.

I like to see myself as a secret weapon to give you the edge against the competition to progress your career.

Especially in these times of virtual working, networking and getting your work noticed is more challenging and showing up in the right way is critical.

I help clients to:

  • Understand and own their key strengths to achieve peak performance and accelerate their careers  
  • Develop and position their personal brand and value proposition to become recognised as a trusted expert and high performer 
  • Focus on the activities that will unlock the greatest impact and career acceleration 
  • Get back in the driving seat in their careers and proactively make development opportunities happen - no way should Covid stop you!
  • Be accountable for taking strategic action now to set you up for success post-Covid 
  • Shift mindset and overcome roadblocks to stepping up by addressing the root cause and applying new ways of operating that get results

Coaching starts with self awareness and allows you to develop new ways of thinking and acting that help you to break through personal ceilings to success.

As a professional leadership development solution designer for corporates like Vodafone, Pepsico, Barclays, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and HSBC, I also bring high value content and activities into resources that support 121 coaching between sessions and maximise results. 



Louise is a Leadership & Career Coach who specialises in helping driven professionals to shape their dream careers and develop habits for peak performance and resilience.

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